Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions

General Rental and Vehicle Delivery Conditions valid between Cars Rental Antalya and the Lessor

1. Contract

By signing this contract, you accept our Rental Conditions. Please read carefully. If there are issues that are not understood by you, you can ask the office workers you hire. If you have any complaints or questions about your rental on your return, please state them before terminating the rental contract. If for any reason you cannot find answers to your questions and solve your problem in the office you are renting, please write to our customer service unit in our center within 45 days. Cars Rental Antalya will not accept any liability in case of failure to comply with this procedure.

Required documents and conditions for rental

The license and age conditions for rental are as follows for the renter and additional drivers:

Economic class: At least 2 years of valid driving license and 24 years of age.

Lower-middle class: At least 2 years of valid driving license and to be over 25 years old.

Middle class: At least 2 years of valid driving license and 26 years of age.

Upper and luxury class: Driving license valid for at least 3 years and having completed the age of 28.

Driving License
Users who do not use a Latin alphabet driver's license (Russia, China, Arab Countries, Greece, etc.) must present their own driving license as well as their valid international driving license and passports (if they are not Turkish citizens) during the rental.

Vehicle Group
Your reservation is confirmed by guaranteeing the vehicle group. There is no brand warranty of any kind. However, when you go to the relevant office, if you are eligible, you can get them from the branded vehicles in the group you booked.

Credit Card - Payment Terms
Online - immediate payment indicates that the rental fee and selected additional service charges will be paid online. If you want to purchase other services in addition to leasing, the cost of these services can be paid at the sales office when receiving the vehicle. It is not obligatory that the cardholder and the reservation owner be the same person during the online payment, they can present a credit card of their own during the rental and the deposit must be processed.

If Cars Rental Antalya cannot perform the rental service due to reasons related to it, the entire amount paid in advance by the customer will be refunded.

During the lease, your credit card issued in your name and valid, depending on the vehicle groups and exemption fees, may or may not be blocked for amounts varying from TL 1000 to TL 4,000. Depending on the banking transactions, the blocked fee will be reflected in your account if there is no additional payment obligation after the end of your rental. This period can be extended up to 7 business days depending on international banking transactions for foreign credit cards. Cash blocked in offices and cash payment is accepted. The above-mentioned conditions are also valid for reservations made with on-site payment options.

Rental Period
The rental period is calculated over 24 hour periods. The monthly rental period is calculated over 30 days. Your rental starts from the time written on the rental contract and is calculated as 1 rental day after the 24-hour period expires.

According to the terms of Cars Rental Antalya, the period from the time written on the rental contract to 24 hours is calculated as 1 day, no daily rental fee is charged for delays up to the first 1 hour exceeding 24 hours. In the case of delays exceeding 1 hour (including daily calculated services, navigation, additional driver, insurance, child seat, etc.), the daily rental fee is collected.

One Way Rentals
If the pick-up and drop-off stations are in different cities during the reservation, the one-way fee determined by Cars Rental Antalya is charged according to the characteristics between the two stations.

Delivery or leaving the vehicle outside of Office Working Hours
You can deliver your car 24/7 to our office or at the airport.
If the pick-up and drop-off stations are in different cities during the reservation, the one-way fee determined by Cars Rental Antalya is charged according to the characteristics between the two stations.

The tenant is obliged to inform the relevant office of the extension request for the vehicle they drive at least 1 day (24 hours) before the end of the rental. The extension request can be made with the approval of the relevant rental office. The extension fee can be requested from Cars Rental Antalya prices according to the terms of the agreement.

Online booking conditions, rez change, cancellation and no-show
Rental day, time, vehicle information cannot be updated or changed in pre-paid reservations. If you want to make a reservation, cancellation of the reservation is required. The cancellation and refund conditions stated below apply. After the cancellation, a new reservation can be made according to the desired change.

In a rental made with a pre-paid reservation, if the rental period exceeds the return date specified on the reservation form, the additional fee that will occur when the rental agreement is extended is collected from the credit card presented by our customer at the beginning of the rental, transfer to the account or in cash, from the current Cars Rental Antalya list prices on the date of the extension days.

100% for cancellations made 48 hours before the reservation start date and time. For cancellations requested less than 24 hours before the starting date and time of the reservation, a one-day rental fee will be charged and the remaining fee will be refunded. (No refunds will be made for 1-day reservations)

The refund of prepaid reservations will be reflected on your card between 3-5 business days, depending on the density of the banks.

For prepaid and on-site prepaid reservations, the vehicle booked is guaranteed for 2 hours from the time of booking at all offices. If the vehicle is not picked up within this period, the reservation will be canceled and no refund will be made.

In case of cancellations made after the vehicle pick-up time or in case of an unspecified cancellation request, the prepayment amount will be fully charged and no refund will be made. If the following conditions are not met, the vehicle will not be allocated and no refund will be made.

  • Payment method is only credit card and cash payment and there is no debit card application.
  • The provision amount, which varies according to rental and vehicle groups, must be obtained from the personal credit card. The name and surname of the person who will make the rental must be on the credit card.
  • In addition to the rental fee, there must be sufficient limit for the deposit amount to be placed on the credit card.
  • There is a requirement to present 1 credit card of a different bank in order to rent a medium and upper segment vehicle.

Please do not neglect to write your flight number during the reservation in order to avoid any mishaps as a result of delays caused by not writing the flight number at the airport offices.

In cases of force majeure, the prepaid fee is fully refunded. In addition, cancellation and No Show fees are not reflected.

For prepaid reservations made using a third party other than Cars Rental Antalya, the rules and practices of the relevant institution or source are valid.

Unused days
Refunds are not made for prepaid reservations delivered earlier than the due date. The change request regarding the return date must be made from our Cars Rental Antalya center reservation department or the relevant office before the rental starts. Changes requested at the beginning or after the rental are invalid.

You can make your domestic reservation change request to our Cars Rental Antalya reservation center by e-mail [email protected] or by calling 0 544 240 0 724 or by Whatsapp at 0 544 240 0 724. For your prepaid reservations originating from abroad, you must inform your request through the channel you made your reservation.

2. Responsibilities of Lessor and Additional Driver
a) The vehicle, including its accessories and key (if any, other keys) is your responsibility. Whenever you are not using the vehicle, keep it locked and use it if there is a safety device provided or mounted on the vehicle. You must protect the vehicle against bad weather conditions that may cause damage. Make sure you use the correct and suitable fuel. Check the oil and engine temperature levels and keep the tire pressure at the proper level.
b) It is your responsibility to drive safely, in compliance with road conditions and speed limits.
c) As long as the rental contract continues, you should be in the position of “owner” of the vehicle and use the car in compliance with the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918 and the Traffic Rules No. 26901 dated 13.10.1983. You are responsible for any crime, parking fines, traffic fines that arise later. In addition, if requested from you, you are obliged to provide all requested information about you and the additional driver with you. In case you do not provide this information completely and completely, you are responsible for it. Due to the obligations outlined in this paragraph, the rental agreement will remain in effect until the vehicle is returned to us.
All of our vehicles in our fleet have HGS. When your rental period is over, your HGS usage information reaches our offices and the toll is charged from your credit card. Since the collection process for the toll depends on the General Directorate of Highways, it is possible to collect later than the usual time.
If you pass through OGS toll booths with our HGS vehicles; you have made illegal transition. Illegal toll (as in other traffic violations) is paid to the relevant government agencies by Cars Rental Antalya, and the illegal toll fee (as in other traffic violations) is collected from the credit card submitted during the rental process or in cash.
d) Vehicle hitting low-level places such as bridges and potholes, mountainous etc. You are responsible for all damages caused by the use of land, swamp and beach, and for damages caused by water entering the engine or other parts of the vehicle due to its use in these places. You should not make any changes to the vehicle. Please apply to our offices for roof rack attachment or bicycle carrying hangers, you are responsible for applications other than our approval.
e) You may not sell, lease or dispose of the vehicle or any of its parts. You cannot give any person legal rights on the vehicle and you cannot transfer your rights. For safety reasons, do not under any circumstances top up fluid levels of brake, clutch, transmission oils or engine coolants. If any warning light comes on on the instrument panel or low oil levels are seen, contact us immediately.
f) You must not allow anyone to work on the vehicle without any written permission. If we give you consent, you will be paid if you document the expenses related to the work done.
g) If you detect any malfunction related to the vehicle, you should immediately warn us.
h) You must bring the vehicle to the place we have previously agreed with you, at the agreed time. The status of the vehicle should be checked and received by our employees or authorized persons. If you are unable to control the condition of the vehicle or if we have agreed with you to return the vehicle outside of working hours, you will be liable for the damages that will occur during the period until the situation is determined by the person we authorized or our employee within 4 hours from the beginning of the following working day.
i) Expenses we will incur to return the vehicle to its pre-rental condition (for example, extra repair time or necessary materials and tools) due to changes made to the vehicle without our consent, or in case of damage to the interior of the vehicle, any electrical or electronic apparatus to be connected to the vehicle or being inside the vehicle. The lessor is responsible for the loss and damage resulting from the use Use the devices you will use in accordance with the user manuals and get information from the office personnel.

3. Special Items
At the end of the rental, check whether you have any personal belongings in the vehicle. The responsibility for the private items left in the vehicle belongs to the lessor.

4. Conditions for Using the Vehicle
The conditions to be met by the lessor or other additional drivers specified on the contract are as follows:

  • You should not use the vehicle for racing, speeding, testing the vehicle's endurance and speed, or teaching someone else to drive.
  • You should not drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • You should not use your vehicle outside the borders of Turkey as long as we do not allow writing.
  • You should not carry passengers over the specified passenger capacity of the vehicle.
  • You and other drivers specified on the contract must not use it for pushing or towing other vehicles or items that are moving or not, unless we give written consent (except vehicles with towing hooks by Cars Rental Antalya; maximum load 1,000 kg).
  • You should not use it for the transport of passengers or goods in return for explicit or hidden income.
  • You should not use it for transporting items that are against customs legislation and other laws and for other illegal works.
  • Transport of toxic, corrosive, radioactive or other harmful materials as well as flammable or hazardous materials,
  • Carrying anything that damages the vehicle due to its smell or condition or causes Cars Rental Antalya to lose time or money to be able to rent the vehicle, - carriage of live animals (except for pets, provided that prior permission is obtained by Cars Rental Antalya),
  • Unless supplied by Cars Rental Antalya, roof rack, luggage carrier or similar items, - Re-rental or use by other persons, -
  • Carrying passengers for rental or reward, -
  • Participating in rallies, competitions or trials wherever they are, giving driving lessons,
  • Traveling on non-asphalt roads, roads where the surface or repair condition may endanger the wheels, tires or mechanics under the body mechanics,
  • None of the goods and baggage carried in the vehicle (including packaging and stowage equipment) can damage the vehicle and do not put passengers at risk,
  • Must comply with the Highways Law, road traffic laws or other similar laws.

5. Fees
The fees to be paid are as follows;

a) Rental and other fees specified on this vehicle delivery receipt.
b) Sum of fees, losses, damages, expenses, costs or liabilities arising from failure to comply with the rules specified in the "Your Responsibilities" section of the article.
c) Refueling service fee; Unless there is an external situation, our vehicles are delivered to the full warehouse and you are requested to deliver them in the same way. If you do not return the fuel at the level we have given you at the beginning of the rental, the fuel fee will be collected from the amount specified on the Vehicle Delivery Receipt or from the amount specified in the brochures printed on the counter where you rent, or by adding 20.00 TL + 18% service charge to the current pump sales prices.
d) All tolls (bridges, highways, ferries, etc.), traffic fines and court costs incurred due to parking or other traffic offenses (including the costs that may arise due to the tying of the vehicle) and the damages that may arise in case of confiscation of the vehicle.

  1. Any penalties or fees charged by an institution.
  2. Traffic fines paid on your behalf or the costs that may arise are charged to the legally discounted amount, with a service fee of 50.00 TL + 18% VAT.
  3. Your HGS usage during your rental period will be charged with a service fee of 10.00 TL + 18% VAT after the end of the rental.
  4. Managing the service process of the vehicle due to damage, etc. For transactions, 150.00 TL + 18% VAT Damage service fee is charged (may vary depending on the selected Assurance package).
  5. A daily fee of 25.00 TL + 18% VAT, maximum 250 TL + 18% VAT is charged for winter tires in vehicles in the winter period.

e) Damage repair costs not specified in the Vehicle Status Report at the exit of the rental, regardless of whether you are defective or not, the cost of renewing the vehicle if the vehicle is stolen, fees to be incurred in accordance with the assurances specified at the beginning of the rental (explained in Article 6).
f) Usage loss fee corresponding to the repair period for damages due to user error or the period we wait (45 days) to pay the cost of the vehicle in case of theft.
g) Damages that may arise due to the detention of the vehicle by the Police forces for any reason and the charges for the days when we cannot rent the vehicle.
h) Fees that may arise for delivering and receiving the vehicle.
i) For failing to pay your debt on time, the Central Bank is charged with delay penalty according to the monthly loan interest rates.
j) VAT and other taxes applied to the above fees (VAT rate change or officially announced additional taxes)

6.Damage Protection
An explanation about our assurances is given below. Explanations are for general and information purposes. Cars Rental Antalya reserves the right to change this information in time. The guarantees included in your reservation are included in your price offer and / or reservation confirmation.

You can purchase guarantees that are not included in your prices from our sales offices at the beginning of the rental. You can also get detailed information about valid limits from our sales offices.

  1. Personal Accident Assurance (PAI): It is an assurance that guarantees the driver and the people inside the vehicle within its limits. It is calculated based on the number of seats in the vehicle. If you purchase this coverage per person per day, it will be stated separately on the contract.
    b) We have a legal obligation regarding insurance against third parties. In the event that you injure or kill a person or cause material damage to their property as a result of an accident, the official traffic insurance limits apply (for damage to property, the limits under the scope of Traffic insurance apply). By taking the assurance of IMM, you can provide an assurance against third parties in possible accidents beyond the legal limits guaranteed by the traffic insurance.
    c) If you have purchased the CDW / THW (Exempt Damage Protection package - Theft protection package), as stated on the Vehicle Delivery Receipt, the damage or theft on the vehicle is covered by our coverage. The fact that this guarantee is exempted shows that you have to make a partial payment. You are obliged to pay the current exemption fee written on the Vehicle Delivery Receipt or in our brochures or documents. You can get information about damage exemption fees and assurances from our offices and reservation center.
    d) If you receive the LCF protection package, the costs of tire punctures and splits that occur without a traffic accident, breakage of the vehicle's windows, headlights, turn signal lights and exterior mirrors are covered.

Cases Not Covered by Damage Assurance Packages:

  • Any accident in which the person driving the car is involved under the influence of alcohol or drugs that exceeds the legal limit
  • Connected by traffic due to the driver of the car
  • Striking the bottom of the car (starter connecting rod, crankcase) without an accident
  • Burning of car seat upholstery, liquid spilled, excessively dirty delivery
  • The car's mountainous terrain, sandy, swamp, beach and so on. Damages caused by the use of cars on purpose, grounds and roads contrary to the endurance and characteristics of cars on roads that are not suitable for traffic, rally, speed trials, driving in motor sports and in areas closed to traffic.
  • The lessor is responsible for the damage-malfunctions caused by careless, careless or excessive force determined and reported by authorized services.
  • Theft of your personal belongings from the car, theft of the vehicle key, falling into the water, loss of license, license plate and / or tool kit, wheel cover and spare wheel, loss and damages of rented additional products,
  • Accidents or damages involving the driver not registered in the contract
  • Damages caused by natural disasters.
  • Damages caused by carrying animals without a cage in the car.
  • Usage error and / or carelessness, imprudence, etc. All damages, including all kinds of mechanical and electrical damages caused by reasons (without limitation, transmission failure due to incorrect gear shifting, damages caused by continuing to use the vehicle even though the warning light is lit, malfunctions and damages caused by fuel, etc.)
  • Damages caused by vandalism, terrorism or social events
  • Expenses, damage, etc. incurred as a result of inaccurate or incomplete information during the rental.
  • Force majeure:


Important notes

  • In the event of an accident, keeping an accident report in accordance with the shape of the accident without changing the location of the vehicle, or getting accident, theft and alcohol detection reports immediately and not later than 24 hours by applying to the nearest police or gendarmerie station and providing 24/7 service ++ 90 544 It is mandatory to inform the Full Support Line at 240 0 724.
  • In case the vehicle is stolen, it is obligatory to contact the nearest police or gendarmerie station immediately and not later than 24 hours to give information to Full Support Line at +90 544 240 0 724 24/7. Otherwise, all guarantees purchased will be deemed invalid and all damages incurred will be collected from the tenant, including the material and moral losses given to third parties. If the vehicle breaks down or if support is needed for any reason, help should be obtained from the 24/7 telephone service +90 544 240 0 724.
  • Please make sure that the vehicle delivery and receipt form is filled in and signed mutually at the beginning of the rental and during the return.
  • Please call the office where you rented or our reservation center to extend the rental period and to inform the return time and date.
  • Call our Full Support Line at +90 544 240 0 724 in case of an accident, breakdown of the vehicle or any need for support during rental.
  • In the event that the vehicle suffers an accident ONE SIDED, the accident, theft and alcohol detection reports should be obtained by applying to the nearest police or gendarmerie station without changing the location of the (vehicle).
  • In DOUBLE-SIDED accidents, except for the cases stated in the following articles, drivers are obliged to fill in the Material Damage Accident Detection Record as indicated on the report, depending on the type of accident.
  • In double-sided accidents, the traffic accident report is issued by the traffic police only in the following cases;

Things To Do At The Moment Of The Accident

Situations Requiring a Report by the Traffic Police or Gendarmerie in the Accident

  • To obtain a photocopy or legible visual of the driver's license, license and traffic insurance policies of the party / parties in double-sided accidents,
  • If the driver is under age,
  • Obtaining more than one image of the accident at the scene, with the vehicle plate showing the shape and location of the accident,
  • Not leaving the vehicle without taking adequate security measures,
  • If the driver is suspected of mental health and alcoholism,
  • If the driver is driving a motor vehicle without a license,
  • If one of the vehicles involved in the accident has an official plate,
  • If damage has occurred in public property,
  • If the belongings of only third parties are damaged in the accident,
  • If one of the vehicles involved in the accident does not have traffic insurance,
  • If the traffic accident resulted in death or injury,
  • If you cannot agree with the other driver in the event of an accident

7.Data Security
Establishing contractual processes such as your personal data, sales, after-sales support, leasing within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 ("Law"), Seja Group A.Ş. (Cars Rental Antalya), as the Data Supervisor, to present its products and services, advantages or campaigns, to provide all kinds of communication including information, promotion, marketing and sales, to monitor and execute legal processes and communication processes with official institutions, and for these purposes, commercial electronic messages can be sent, the obligations specified in the legislation can be fulfilled, the identity of the person / person making the transaction can be determined, the registration and document can be issued electronically or in print, the document keeping, reporting and information obligations stipulated in the legislation can be fulfilled and processed for statistical purposes.
With the above-mentioned purposes, your personal data, supervisory and regulatory authorities and relevant public institutions, professional organizations and similar organizations; to the persons or organizations permitted by the provisions of the legislation, to the persons and organizations that receive services, cooperate with support service providers to carry out their activities subject to the purposes specified in the legislation, to the extent permitted by the legislation.
Your personal data are stated in Article 5 of the Law, "It is clearly stipulated in the laws", "It is necessary to process personal data belonging to the parties of the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or execution of a contract", "It is mandatory for the data controller to fulfill his legal obligation", " Based on the legal grounds that data processing is mandatory for the establishment, use or protection of a right "and" Data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the relevant person "; verbally, in writing or electronically; It may be collected by fully or partially automated means or non-automatic means as part of any data recording system.
You can submit your requests within the scope of Article 11 of the Law "regulating the rights of the person concerned" to Cars Rental Antalya in writing from Antalya Airport Terminal 1, according to the Communiqué on Application Procedures and Principles to Data Officer.

Consent to the Processing of Personal Data
In accordance with the information in the Information Text on Processing Personal Data, if you expressly consent to the processing of your personal data by Cars Rental Antalya, please select the "I Accept" option below.

I agree

8. Termination of Contract
If you do not comply with the following main conditions, the contract is unilaterally terminated by Cars Rental Antalya.

a) If you are an end consumer, if the rent is not paid on time, the contract will be terminated without any warning or notice. In this case, the tenant has to return the car immediately. If the vehicle is not returned, the tenant officially accepts and undertakes that he has committed the crime of abuse of trust. If we find that any of your property has been confiscated against your debts or that such a matter has been notified to you, this contract will be unilaterally terminated by Cars Rental Antalya.
b) If you are a commercial company, the contract is unilaterally terminated by Cars Rental Antalya in the following cases:

  • If your company is in a liquidation process, is a trustee, a trustee or a follow-up
  • If you took legal action to deal with creditors
  • If we find that your goods are seized against their debts
  • If you do not comply with the terms of this agreement

c) Terminating this contract unilaterally will not affect our collection of your debts arising from this contract. We reserve the right to charge you additional fees if you do not fulfill the main requirements of this contract.
e will take back the vehicle from you and may charge you additional fees due to the occurrence of this situation.
d) After the expiry of this contract, you agree that you have to protect the vehicle safely and deliver it to the nearest office, even if it is finished.

9. Competent Court
This contract is evaluated according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. In case of any dispute, I accept and declare that the laws of this country and the Antalya Palace of Justice, Execution and courts are authorized.

Cars Rental Antalya